There are eighteen categories open for The Care Champions. It may be that both a team and an individual award could be presented in many of the categories. For clarity, we have used the term “Residential Care” to include care homes, nursing homes, hospices, and residential homes for young people or special needs. And the term “Care at Home” is used to cover home care, domiciliary care, live-in care and end of life care at home.


A) Residential Care Manager

B) Care at Home Manager

C) Rising Star (aged under 30 at April 30, 2021)

D) Residential Care (individual or team)

E) Care at Home (individual or team)

F) Care at Home Support Team

G) Recruitment, Training and Motivation (individual or team)

H) Innovation (individual or team)

I) Nursing Care (individual or team)

J) Dementia Care (individual or team)

K) Disability Care (individual or team)

L) End of Life or Palliative Care (individual or team)

M) Activity Planner or Organiser (individual or team)

N) Assessment and Care Planning (individual or team)

O) Response to COVID-19 (individual or team)

P) Cleaning and Infection Control Care (individual or team)

Q) Kitchen and Catering Care (individual or team)

R) Premises, Plant, Facilities and Equipment Care (individual or team)


Please remember that nominations are free. You can enter yourself, or you can nominate others.


The closing date for nominations is May 31, 2021


By way of advance notice, please note that we will always run an event to celebrate the success of Finalists after judging is complete. We may run a physical event, where table places will be available at a rate per person, or an online event, where a fee per Finalist company will be made, but these charges will be additional. Being part of a physical event or online presentation is at the discretion of each Finalist company and the results declared are completely independent of participation.