Entry Fees



Each entry will incur a fee of £200.00 plus VAT at the current applicable rate. Any second or subsequent entry will incur a half fee of £100 plus VAT.

What does the entry fee cover?

This is an administration fee covering the personnel costs involved in checking entries and their bona fides, collating all entries and bookmarking them for the judges’ ease of access, convening the judging panels, supervising the judging events, including providing any venue and covering all catering costs, compiling the judges’ scores and publicising the short-list on the Online Retailer Awards’ website, through PR broadcasts and on the online or offline pages of media partners’ publications. Retailers or their agencies may enter as many categories as they have divisions or brands, though each entry will incur a fee. If a business wishes to enter each division’s online activity for an award, then additional entry fees must be paid for each entry made. 

Payment System

You can pay online only, using all the options offered by the secure PayPal for business. You will receive an automatic acknowledgement of your entries, when you click to pay and you will receive an automated receipt from PayPal as confirmation of your payment. You will receive an official VAT invoice, showing VAT at the correct applicable rate, to acknowledge formally the receipt of both your payment and your entry(ies). If you prefer to pay by transfer from bank-to-bank, please ignore the PayPal payment page and, instead, use the payment button on the invoice you will receive.

Entries may be withdrawn at any point up to February 21, 2021 upon email request to Helen Warrilow, commercial director. Entry fees will not be refunded if an entry is withdrawn.